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I need a good backup strategy for a small office


I need some advice on a good strategy to backup and restore files on three Windows XP workstations and a Windows 2008 file server with mirrored drives and a USB 350GB drive for duplicating files on the server.

We have general file backups no problem. I need to know how to get a operating system like XP and Windows sever 2008 restored in the event of a hardware failure. What is the best way to create the backup so we can get the system of either the server or workstation up and running again.

I have plenty of new spare hard drives and duplicate motherboards so hardware is not a problem. I just need to know the best procedure to get the software fully implemented and running again. We have access to Nortons Save and Restore, Nero 8 Backitup and Nortons Ghost.

Thanking you in advance.
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