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recovering windows services to make internet work again

when I started my laptop (Dell E6400, XP Professional SP3) on Friday, it hung by "loading your personal settings" for 2 minutes, finally loading the system without sound, windows theme and internet connections. In addition it kept giving the error "Svchost.exe - instruction at 0x referenced memory at 0x could not be read".

After that I have tried changing the startup configuration and finally concluded that the problem is caused by services "remote access connection manager" (and maybe "remote access auto connection manager") / as with removing only them from the startup services the system loads quickly (see below), and with adding them the problem shows up again/ . if I try to start these services from services.msc I get an error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly

McAfee virusscan found and deleted a trojan in "C:autorun.inf" on Thursday (day before the problem showed up). I also ran a spyware tool that came up with nothing. In the Event Log (system, applications) there is nothing suspicious

when I disabled remote access connection manager from startup services the desktop loads quickly and programs seem to function. However, I cannot access internet (unable to resolve host) and the security manager keeps saying "the firewall is turned off / the virus scan is turned off"

any help would be much appreciated
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