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SQL Server 2005 error: "Invalid object name" / "Incorrect syntax near"

Hi All,

Just a quick overview, I have recently had to reinstall windows on my machine becuase of an unrelated matter so before I did so i created an SQL script using the SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard so that my SQL database could be recreated exaclty as it was.

I have just reistalled SQL Server 2005 and the Managment Studio and have attempted to run the script.

Once the script is run there are literally thousands of the following two errors:

Invalid object name


Incorrect syntax near ...

It is just these two varieties of error that appear.

This is very odd as the script works perfectly on my remote SQL 2005 database server as the database was created exactly. So there clearly isent a problem with the script it must be something to do with the clean install on SQL Server 2005.

I am unsure why this error is appearing? Has anyone one else had this problem or know a quick fix?

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks.
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