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Backup Monitoring

Hello All--

I wanted to get some feedback from those that have a similar environment to ours.  In short, we maintain several client networks both locally and abroad.  For the most part, our existing backup monitoring practices are pretty efficient---relying on emailed backup reports daily to verify whether or not a clients backup completed as it should have.

As we continue to grow our client base, I feel as if the email report scenario will ultimately leave too much room for error (emails get blocked, emails don't go out at all for extended periods of time, etc), and become too time-consuming a task in going through each and every email, comparing those emails to our list of clients being monitored.

I'm seeking a dedicated backup monitoring solution that will hopefully included the following attributes:

- Web interface to use that has some form of dashboard functionality providing a quick snap shot of the backup monitoring system:  Successful Backups, Failed Backups, Backups Still Running, etc.
- Something that will work with the several backup applications in the IT industry today.  From the high-end apps (Backup Exec, Acronis, etc.), to the more entry-level/free apps (NTBackup, Backup Assist, etc.).  
- Something that will report back to a centrally hosted public server.  Maybe a small agent installed on the server/workstation that looks at local eventvwr logs and reports back accordingly.

Anyone know of such a solution?  Am I looking at a custom application here?  Or is there already something on the market that will suffice my needs?  In short, I'd prefer to a have a central utility to access that ALL of my client backups report to, and in its simplest form, state that the client backup was Successful or the client backup Failed.  

I look forward to your feedback.
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You are looking at a CUSTOM Application here :)
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There are plenty of great high end programs that provide network monitoring solutions in a graphical interface thats easy to read.  I've seen some people use these to track the health of backup systems. By looking at disk usage, network utilization, and other things you can determine that backups are running or that the server is doing something out of the norm.

Email notification in backup systems such as Backup exec can already notify an address when jobs start, stop, complete, error out etc..
If this is not good enough, may i suggest connecting remotely to these backup systems? Using the Remote Desktops snap-in in MMC, you can attach multiple remote server connections and monitor all of them within one window.  Backup exec and other high end programs already have the monitoring utilities, just not the real-time reporting over http you are looking for. Remote into all of your clients servers, and you can view the job status of any backup/restore in real time. For this to work you will of course need access to the client's systems, whether that be directly connected to their domain, or maybe VPN.

other than that, a custom app that would centralize all this data in real time would seem very pricey. My two cents :)



does XYmon report backup specific data such as backup starts, completions, error reports etc?
The tools pointed out by SysExpert are not what you asked for :)
You are still looking at a custom application :)