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Need URGENT advice with Flex 2 with Charts versus Flex 3 Professional (for Charting)


I'm in a serious fix/dilemma at work. Here is my story:

I downloaded Flex 3 trial version because I wanted to mimic the Google Finance Charts with the open source provided by Brendan Muetzner as illustrated in the following Link:


After downloading this application and proposing that we purchase the complete version by Adobe for USD $299 as shown on Adobe's website, the business was excited and I went ahead to purchase the downloadable software. Once I applied the software, after hours of research trying to find out why my charts kept embedding the "Flex Data Visualization Trial" watermark on my charts, I realized that I needed professional.

As shown on their site, the professional upgrade is "from" $299 so I went back to the business (and they were pissed) to tell them this story. Right before I bought the upgrade, I realized that its actually $500 becasue the $299 is an upgrade from 'flex 2 with charts'. OH MY GOSH! What trickery. I would never have known on it until I gave my credit card information as shown on their site.

Anyway, given that its super expensive, I started looking at buying the Flex 2 with Charts software for $275 at Amazon. My questions are this:

1. Will the Flex 2 with charts work with the "Google Finance" look? I don't use any advanced datagrids on my application and so I don't think it should be a problem. Will this Flex 2 with charts "remove" that lousy watermark on my charts?

2. Given that I have the Flex 3 standard version, can I install Flex 2 separately or can I uninstall and install Flex 2 with charts?

3. I already have the working Flex google finance look solution to my chart. While the cost is high, I just don't want to spend a ton of money on this and have to change my code because I'm using the Flex 3 trial version only to find out Flex 2 with charts is causing a bigger issue. What are your thoughts?

4. I was looking online for cheap Flex 3 professional software and this is what I found for only USD $79.00.


What are your thoughts with this? Is this legal? Professional? Am I going to get in trouble for buying this? I don't want to cause more grief than I need to.

I really need your help with your advice by tonight is possible so that before I go to work tomorrow, I can use the best approach on this.

Here is what I've built:

Adobe Flash

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