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Recommended sizes for Exchange 2007 mailbox stores

Hi Everyone

We are currently using Exchange 2003 SP2 - we have a couple of mailbox servers, each with 4 Storage groups each. Each Storage Group has 4 Mailbox stores. Therefore we have a total of 32 Mailbox stores.

With Exchange 2007, we are looking into one Mailbox store per Storage Group. As such, we'll need to increase the number of Storage Groups (we are looking at about 60 altogether).

Since we are almost doubling the amount of Mailbox stores, we want to ensure we keep users of the same department on the same store to take advantage of Single Instance Storage.

We are, however, planning on giving all mailboxes a 1GB limit as opposed to 100MB which it is currently.

Are there any recommended numbers of max users/sizes of databases/storage group log locations for Exchange 2007?
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