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How can I set up an asp application on an external HDD?


I have developed an asp application that runs on one of our servers (IIS, etc), to allow the user to search and view a deposited plan. An external consultant has the requirement to use this application to search for and view deposited plans, but we don't want to give him access to our server from home, due to security considerations.

The idea we came up with was to copy the deposited plan search application and images to an external HDD, then give this to the consultant while he's doing work for us.

However, I've never had to do this really. Is this possible, and if so,what would I need to do to the external HDD to make this possible?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

I guess I am not really getting the question.  It sounds as though you are asking how to give an external user access to an intranet site?  If so, and he is a partner, then I would think that you would do one of two things:

1.  With VPN, allow him to only go to the website internally only over port 80  or SSL (easy solution and problem solved)
2.  With VPN, allow him to only go to a reverse proxy such as Squid.  This way, his session is terminate at the proxy and your site is still secure.

Maybe I am wrong, but if you give him the application (with the configs, then aren't you giving him database connection strings as well?


Thanks for the reply. We often setup a VPN or terminal server connection, so I'm aware of both methods you have mentioned. Lets just say that for political and security reasons the boss decided not to allow him to do this, due to some problems.

For that reason we decided to externalise the application of an external HDD. If this is not possible, here we go VPN! Will take some persuading though.


It's not that is cannot be done, but there are some concerns.  First, I am only speaking about an application that I am ASSUMING about since you have not given many details about it.  If you are running this on IIS, then giving him access to the site, is not giving him access to the source.  If you are pulling information from an external db or location, then by giving him the application on a HDD, you are giving him the source, unless it is precompiled.  I believe that the safest way for not only this guy, but for all your partners would be the reverse proxy route.  

My thought would be that if it is so important that you cannot give him VPN, you should not be giving him access to the site at all.  just my two cents.
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I can see your point, and it's not my decision unfortunetely. It's a pretty simple asp application that just searches a load of plan (scanned) .jpg files using a simple search engine on a folder. There is no database involved.

Any ideas on how to allow the user to utilise the search engine, possibly without using  IIS, on a local HDD?

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