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recover public folders from backup

I did the migration from SBS2003 to SBS2008 and in the process have lost all my public folders.

I have a good backup of the files from the sbs2003 from before the migration started, so is there a way to recover them via the database file?

All my users email moved to the new server fine, however none of the PF's moved :(

Thanks in advance!

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I have installed the PFDAVAdmin tool, and it is currently working on the pub1.edb database file.

Thanks for the tip, I hope this works!

My pub1 file is 1,313,800 KB in size, so it looks like it may take a little time.

It is not working, after letting the PFDAVAdmin tool run all night the status did not change.

Can this tool be used to open the .edb database file?

By default it looks like it wants to open a text file.

Any other ideas?

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