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SSMA Access to SQL migration w/ 2 Access DBs


I've previously asked a question about migrating from Access to SQL and discovered the SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant).
However, it turns out that there are already currently 2 Access databases.

aDB1 - just contains the data (plus 6 queries)
aDB2 - contains hundreds of queries, forms and reports and links to data in aDB1, plus also has some other links to tables on a SQL Server DB in the intranet.

I'm not quite sure how I go about migrating this..
eg. how would I get SSMA to automatically change the links in DB2 that point at DB1 point at the new SQL database?

Do I migrate them in 2 stages to the same SQL DB?
1 - migrate DB1 data and queries to SQL1 (no need to link)
2 - link DB2 tables to SQL1 (how to automated this.. there's hundreds)
3 - migrate DB2 queries to SQL1

Is this correct? Any tips on exactly how this is done?
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