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Netlogon and Sysvol folders don't sync


We have an otherwise healthy domain in a single physical location, but our Netlogon/Sysvol folders don't syncronize. AD replication between the 3 servers work fine, and I have no entries in the Error log that signifies that anything goes wrong. I've tried looking around for tools to diagnose this, but with little luck. DNS works, and the shares works fine for our users.
I have
"The File Replication Service is no longer preventing the computer from becoming a domain controller. The system volume has been successfully initialized and the Netlogon service has been notified that the system volume is now ready to be shared as SYSVOL.
Type "net share" to check for the SYSVOL share." entries on all 3 servers, so it seems like they just don't know that they have to be in sync.

Any good ideas on how to work this out?

I have already messed around with resetting Netlogon.chg, but with no result.
Windows Server 2003

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