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Mozilla issue with Javascript - setting focus on a button

The experts have helped me before with a javascript / mozilla issue, I'm hoping for the same timeous brilliant expertise again!
I am calling a javascript method from a tab on a GUI page in order to try and set the focus to a specific button, which is for a specific situation.

Please see my 2 methods. The first one works fine in IE but not Mozilla
The 2nd one is my attempt at getting it to work in Mozilla but doesn't work.
function setFocusButton() { // works fine in IE, but not in Mozzilla
        var elID = 'searchContactsButton';
        return false;
//my attemt at adjusting this for Mozilla which doesnt work
function setFocusButton() { // works in IE but not Mozilla
        var elID = 'searchContactsButton';
        return false;

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