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HP proliant 350 G3

Does anybody know if the HP Proliant 350 G3 is phyically able to take a HP StorageWorks Ultrium 232 tape blade. It is to replace a Compaq DLT 8000 tape drive.

When i looked at replacing it the ultrium doest seem to fit the cradle that is in the case ie it wont lock into place with the mechanism for the cradle.
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I'm note sure - but I don't think you can use a Blade-unit for a non-Blade-'product'.

But I think you can get some kind of 'cradle' that can fit you tape-drive - and then fit your server. I don't have the part-no. though. I'll get back to you if I can find it.

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Based on what I see here:

I would say yes, at least to the smaller one. These would not fit into the hot swap bays, but should fit into the regular size bays.
jhyiesla -> Your link does not point to the Blade-unit...

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The way I understand the question: The user wants to use a blade-unit in a ML350 server (that is not a blade-server).

So yes - if I understand the question correct - the asker needs some kind of converter :)

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The tape blade is a tape drive plus a SAS/PCIe interface controller in a blade so you should be able to take the half height tape drive out of the blade and mount it in the server but you will then need a SAS interface card to put in the ML350. If you just bought it then I would return it and buy the normal internal drive instead. You'd be better offf with a SCSI one than SAS as there's onboard SCSI port on the ML350 G3.