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Iscsi disks  to Cluster Hyperv best practice

I have built 2 x Server 2008 Core machines in a  failover cluster,  using a HP storage array to present drives to the core machines via iscsi.

The purpose of the cluster is  run Hyperv and host my virtiual machines . I plan to P to V a number of existing servers on old obsolete hardware .

What is the best practice for presenting the isci Luns to the Host for storing the hyperv virtual machines ?

I have created a Quorum drive for the cluster and I  have almost 1.5 Tb available for  storage of the virtual machines.  

How should I present the drive to the cluster all at once or should I create separate LUNs for each Virtual machine this seems a bit of a management nightmare  ?  If I do  create separate iscsi LUNs can I resize them ?

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