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University work - Comparison about system security in Windows and Linux OS's.

First post here at EE, let's see if you guys live up to the hype, hahaha.

Just kidding, and now to be serious... I've just got some big homework to do concerning an analysis about the whole security subject between Windows and Linux. This analysis should be made without stating which one has "best" or "worst" security (obviously), and has to be made using 2 to 3 main themes.

I was thinking about researching for the obvious (like firewall, OS patching and holes, authentication methods) but decided to come here to see if there's someone with a better idea that could give me a hand so I could go on with it.

Any suggestions?
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Rich Rumble

8/22/2022 - Mon

IF you're just discussing the security issues, you've got to point out the community ability to find and patch holes and issues in linux because of it's open source ethos. With microsoft, security flaws and holes have to be patched by MS and only MS, whereas anyone who comes up with acceptable code to patch the linux kernel could have it implemented.

Hm, actually it isn't JUST security issues, those was only one of the various themes that I could focus on. But the problem that I think is that there isn't much content to discuss about that, that's why the question concerning an advice about some other thing related to security shared by both systems.

Is this REALLY homework, or is this "homework" in the sense of a techie tasked with researching something for work?

We don't answer homework questions - it's against E-E policy - but if it's really homework, we can help you learn how to find the answer yourself.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

Yes, it's really university homework. But that's exactly what I'm saying... I don't want you guys to make the homework for me, actually quite the opposite. I'll do it by myself but I was thinking about suggestions (as stated in my first post) so I could go from this point on by myself.
Rich Rumble

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