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Display Tiff images in Access 2007

Can anyone tell me how to display Tiff images in Access 2007 without using a 3rd party activeX control?

In previous versions of Access I have always been able to download a graphics filter etc to display tiffs but cannot see how to do this in Access 2007.
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Perhanps I should have added some more detail.

I have the images stored on a network drive and in previous versions of Access I have displayed them using an image control on the form with the Picture property being set via VBA to the appropriate file path.

For some reason I cannot get this to work in Access 2007. It looks like I am missing some sort of graphic filter but I cannot find it or work out what I need to install.

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Julian --

Don't know if you will see this, or maybe someone else will -- What third party OCX control did you end up using?  I'm having the same issue with PSD files for a database I'm working on.  Access 2007 says it has a filter, yet I get the 2114 error when linking to it using the picture property & VBA.

Let me know!  Thanks,

Hi Ronda

I used the GDviewer OCX control from It works very nicely on forms and reports.