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Cisco switch management configuration

I have a Cisco 2940, which is connected via a trunk to a 3750, which in turn connects to the core switch.
I have a need to change the management address and vlan on the switch, from the default '1' to 999.

As is normal the switch is uplinked via a trunk interface, the trunk has a native vlan 999 and can be managed remotely fine when configured with an IP address in vlan 1.

However when I change the default-gateway to the gateway address of vlan 999, configure a vlan 999 address, and do a no shut, I can not ping out at all. VTP is distributing vlan 999 fine, it is not blocked in the trunk and I know the default-gateway address is good - I can ping it from my PC - any ideas?
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 switchport trunk native vlan 999
 switchport mode trunk
I've been trying to configure the trunk for dot1q, however have the following:
SGH09-NetworkServi(config-if)#switchport trunk ?
  allowed  Set allowed VLAN characteristics when interface is in trunking mode
  native   Set trunking native characteristics when interface is in trunking mode
  pruning  Set pruning VLAN characteristics when interface is in trunking mode
dot1q is not selectable.
However with the above configurations, and vlan 1 IP address configured I can remotely manage the switch fine. If I then change the management address to vlan 999, and set the relevant defaul gateway - I can not ping in or out.
Hope someone can help!

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You do not need to change the native vlan on the trunk to 999 to change the management VLAN to 999. Just configure intreface VLAN 999 with the IP address you want to use.
Also you cannot configure the trunk type because dot1q is the only option on a 2940 so it is automaticly assumed.
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Thanks, I'll give it a try when I return to work in the morning.
I've tried removing the native vlan 999, and now am simply trunking.
This is what I have.
core switch trunked to a stacked 3750, with a native vlan 999 - this first switch works fine, however the 2940 will not respond at all when configured with an interface vlan 999 address, and the appropriate gateway.
My concern is that we have plenty of other switches working with an interface vlan 999, and native vlan 999 on the uplinks - so am confused as to why this 2940 will not work the same way.
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