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Burning hybrid DVD - PC partition

It is corporate policy to make backups of all our original software DVDs.

I have been given 12 .iso's that I need to burn with a system in the office which is capable of burning dual layer DVDs.

The files are called d1.iso, d2.iso, etc.

If I mount the .iso with Disk Utility on our Leopard system, I can only see the Mac partition.  If I bring the .iso into Toast 8, I can mount both the Mac and Windows partition.

The problem is, when I burn the DVD and mount it in a Mac system, I don't see the Windows partition - and if I pop the DVD into a Windows machine, I can't see any partition at all, the disk displays as blank.

Why does Toast allow me to mount both partitions, but when I burn with Toast or Disk Utility, I only see the Mac partition?  toast displays the image type as Hybrid Mac/ISO image.  See attachment.
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