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Backup Exec 12.5 saying job failed due to files in use by CPS which is already done

I have a Windows Server 2008 Standard box running Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 and its Continuous Protection Server. The CPS is on a set schedule to replicate data from multiple servers to a local hard drive. Once that completes I then have a job scheduled in Backup Exec to backup that CPS resource to tape. I should note, as already implied, I am not using CPS for constant protection, its a one-time replication that runs every night within a schedule.

The process itself is working fine, and the CPS is completely finished within its scheduled time-frame for at least 30 minutes before the tape backup is scheduled. Yet for some reason Backup Exec still claims CPS is backing up the files and so it can't copy it to tape. The CPS job completed, with no errors.

The tape backup appears to get most everything, if I chose the restore option in BE it shows all the data on the tape, a couple items have red X's on them but it's only one file out of many that it was unable to copy. Additionally I don't understand why it says the job failed, as opposed to completed with errors.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

I get this problem a lot myself...it says job failed even though only one file gave a problem. Does the log specify why exactly that job/file failed?

As for the red x's.... it will show a red x on every directory folder the problem file is under. example
'filex' is in D:/home/data/folder1.  Every folder will have a red x up till that file(s).  As for that one file that is x'd, does the log say why?  My guess is that it could be corrupt. Large files will sometimes say it is corrupt but still actually work when accessed. In my experiences BE will say job failed because only ONE file was corrupt, but will say completed with exceptions if the file was merely skipped by BE.

Its also possible that it cannot back it up because it is in use at the time.  If this is the case you could try the Advanced Open File option (AOFO). Have that enabled and it should be able to back it up regardless of it being used or not.

Another possibility is Backup Exec could not get the desired 'quiet time' on that resource to back it up.  Possible remedies for this may include attempting a backup at a different time or disconnecting people that are connected to the resource at that time.

Also... you said CPS does this once a week. Maybe it is still holding or keeping the file open during the off time.  May i suggest attempting a backup with CPS stopped?

Thanks for your reply...

The logs simply say the file it tried to copy was corrupt, it's a different set of files each night it tries to back them up. Which is weird... because BE is only backing up replicated data, not active (in-use) network data. If anything should be reporting errors it should be CPS. The data is stagnant as far as BE is concerned. There can be no data in-use, because no one accesses this server... it's just here to copy data from our file servers and put them on the backup server, which then writes that to tape.

Additionally, since this is essentially a differential replication, i.e. any data changed or added is the only thing copied by CPS to the local drive... The files that are getting claimed as corrupt are files that don't change often, or at all... so how they could be corrupt when CPS may have never even modified the file on the local drive makes no sense at all.

I looked for but was unable to find an option in BE to skip corrupt files, so it's always going to say it failed, even though technically it didn't, as a whole.

The size of the replicated data has been increasing slowly over time, and the size of the data getting backed up to tape has reflected that almost exactly... So it appears everything is working as it should, with the exceptions of these little files.

More of an annoyance than anything at this time. I don't like seeing that line of "FAILED" down the job logs pane.
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I guess you could set BE to exclude this folder all together, to avoid it from attempting backup and constantly failing :P


It's never any specific file, it changes every time... so its different folders every time as well. I will continue looking into a solution. I may end up having to contact Symantec support.
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You should be backing up the CPS resources from under the CPS PROTECTED RESOURCES category in the resource selection list.
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Thank you for responding... that is exactly what I have selected yet it is still conflicting with itself. Should I perhaps try selecting a snapshot instead of the protected resource option?

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