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.net Entity Data Model: possible to have multiple mappings for one Entity Model

The .NET Entity Data Model seems like a cool idea. You code against the abstract model without caring what the underlying data really looks like in the DB.

But if you design a general Entity Model for your app, can you then associate that with several different mappings to fit different databases that your app might ultimately work with?

As a trivial example, let's say I want to build a neat name and address card file app. I design an Entity Model for names and addresses. But I want this to be built in one case against an ERP's database. For a different build I want it to run against some e-mail system's Address Book database. In a third build it runs against a client's custom in house database.

It looks to me like an Entity Model is locked to a single database model. If this is the case, it looses some of its allure.

Do I have the wrong idea here?
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