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Server 2003R2 STD fails DCPROMO for ADC in Server2003 Ent domain environment after successfull domain prep.

I am trying to promote an ADC (Server 2003R2 Box) to an existing domain that has a single DC.  the PDC box is Server 2003 Ent.  I have tried to do a forest prep / adprep to the server 2003 Ent box and it says its successful.   When I then try to promote the ADC I get a failure msg of:

The opperation failed because the active directory installation wizard can not continue becasue the forest is not preped for intalling windows server 2003. " The version of AD schema of the source forest is not compatible with the version of active directory on this computer."

PS. Domain and Forest levels are at server 2003 on existing PDC 2003 Ent. and the server 2003R2 Std disk 2 was used for AD Prep.
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