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VB app Crystal export to excel doesn't include image

I have an application written in visual basic 2008.  It includes a crystal report in it that is viewed directly in the application.  The program works fine and generates the crystal report just like it should for the window.

If I try and export the report from crystal to excel(just excel, not the excel data only choice) in the application, the spreadsheet shows up with all the data excel the image.  In it's place is a big X instead.  I can export from the application to a PDF and the image comes across just fine.

I have the full version of Crystal on my machine and if I load the report there, I can export to excel just fine from there.

Is there something that prevents crystal from exporting to excel with the version that is used by VB apps?  If not, what do I need to do to fix this issue?

Is there an issue that prevents
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