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SBS 2008 RWW. How to set it up.

What wizard configures RWW.
I can't get to remote.mydomain.com.
Do I use the Setup your Internet addres and then use remote.mydomain.com or just mydomain.com?
I can get to RWW inside the network but not outside. I just got off the phone with my sonicwall support and they tested all ports and the correct ports are going though to the server.

If I use remote.mydomain.com from outside it pops up with a login box saying:
The server remote.mydomain.com at level 15 access requires a username and password.

I tried to use my username and password or the administrator account and still couldn't get in.
If I type just the Static IP I get this werid IIS webpage with a bunch of different languages around IIS.

Anything else I need to look into?
Microsoft Server OSSBS

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