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changing isps and ips

I am changing from an old t1 line to a new business class cable modem line.  Our small business only requires about 8 IP addresses.  The problem is that this network has been in place since long before I got here.  I am feeling a little hesitant about moving our service over.  I know I will need to change the static IP address, subnet mask, and gateway in my firewall box.  I know that changing said static IP address will effect our VPN clients who should just need thier vpn clients adjusted.  I know that we have an IP address assigned to a Terminal Services server.  I know that we have 2 machines with dedicated ip addresses to access the Terminal Server.  But I fear the unknown.  I inherited this network which I am certain was built by an outside firm.  There is no documentation.  The last office manager just called on this firm to male any changes.  I need direction on how to determine what ip addresses I have assigned to what so i can document this, and then attempt to move over.

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