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How to get UID for disks in a VIo environment

Hello Experts,
Is there a way to determine the UID for the disks in a vio environment . For our physical Lpars which use pcmpath ,we used to run pcmpath query device and could get the UID for the disks which would match with the UID in the SVC .But I do not know how to get the UID from either the VIO server or on the Client which matches with UID on the SVC . I tried to run lsdev -virtual
and lsmap -all ,but could not get the UID . Can any one please advice how to get this . Thanks in advance.
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Thank u so much for all the detailed solution . Really appreciate your great work .
To get a relation between hdisks on VIO and hdisks on LPAR
- at the VIO client partition. issue lscfg | grep hdisk . You will find a string like
hdisk1           U9117.570.65FD23D-V5-C5-T1-L830000000000  Virtual SCSI Disk Drive
Note the LUN number 83 above (...-L83.....)
- at the VIO server, issue lsmap -vadapter [vhost of your partition]
You will see, among other VTDs
VTD                   xxxxxxx
Status                Available
LUN                   0x8300000000000000
Backing device        hdisk33
Physloc               U7879.001.DQD0ATJ-P1-C5-T1-W50050763061305CF-L4000400A0000

Note the LUN 0x83 above. This is the link to the disk at your LPAR. Grab the info pertaining to your storage device (L4000400A0000
 above). With e.g.2107 (DS8000) this means LUN 000A.
With this LUN you will find the corresponding device at your SAN box.