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Reading MiniDump -- No matching binary found

I know what you're thinking...just get the right binary, right?

Our app created the minidump -- using MiniDumpWriteDump -- and the minidump file has come in from the field.  We have an archive of the build for this system, including the binaries and .pdb files.  The code is C++, compiled to native mode.

I've restored those binaries and pdb files into a folder, copied the minidump file into the folder, and opened the minidump with VS2005.  When I F5, VS2005 loads binaries and symbols until it gets to the only file I really care about (Murphy!) when it tells me it cannot find the matching binary.

The Modules window shows the module being loaded -- it is the correct one.  I know it is correct because
1)  It came from the archive, and
2)  It has the right version.

Our software has a log file, in which the executing version is logged, and that version matches the archived version.  So I'm pretty sure I have the right binary loaded.

It could be that, before the crash, we had a stray pointer and overwrote some code -- that could cause the mismatch.

My Question:  How can I tell the debugger to use the binary anyway -- even though it thinks it is the wrong one.
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