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CFMAIL using a database and queries

I have created a database that holds emails I can send off later using a query.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around something that I hope I can explain properly.

Lets say the fields in the database are called.


Then I call the emails using a query later, that sends out an email like this.

<cfmail to="#queryname.email_to#"  from= "#queryname.email_From#"  subject= "#queryname.email_Subject#">



This works fine for a basic email..but I want to call other fields into this email.

So, in the database the field email_Body would look like:

Hi, [first_name],

What is a good way to get this to pull the first_name from the related customer database? I have figured out how to do this if I store the email body as an html page ...but not if I pull it from the database.

Thanks for any insight or pushes in the right direction on this.

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"I have figured out how to do this if I store the email body as an html page"

then  you've figured out how to do this...

<cfmail ...>

<head />
select * from contacts

Hi #contact.firstname#,

We last talked #contacts.lastcontact#

blah blah



by far the simplest

 you could store the html in a db but you need to create placeholders for your variable fields

Hi {firstname},

We last talked {lastcontact}

 then replace these on the fly with your query fields which can be a bit ugly

if you want templates..the easiest is to just have several different includes based on criteria

You will also need to tell the CFMAIL tag that the TYPE="html" if you plan to use html to build the body.  Otherwise all the formatting will appear in the text.
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Start Free Trial would want to do the query OUTSIDE of the <cfmail> tag, otherwise you will loop the ALL the output in the mail itself instead of data for the individual user.

select [datafields]
from table

Hi [usernameField],

We last spoke on [dateField]......
" would want to do the query OUTSIDE of the <cfmail> tag"

you'd be right if it was for looping... I was only thinking about a single result with my pseudo code (however the "query" should have had a where clause to make that clearer.)

ah gotcha...still to be on the safeside I always put the query outside the cfmail..JUST in case you get multiple returns.  But thats just me.