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URGENT: d0000144 unknown hard error

Dear experts

i desperately need your help
stupididly i tried to download a cyberlink serial from the dodgy link below. the result  = fatal, my pc keeps rebooting in normal mode (pc does run on safe mode), ive ran advanced system care to catch any spyware or registry faults but no luck. I regret my action to crack a product!! please help me with this issue asap!
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Your really in a pickle here, what the infectiion could be is best guess scenario. Try using the free scan link above from Mcafee. You can of course search for other types of free online scans but be wary of who is offering out there. At the end of the day you might consider making your back ups (old school method of drag and drop to slave or external drive) Re-install the OS and install your AV and/or anti spy prog. The scan your back ups for good measure.
Here is another from Norton's


I have read your message and feel that the best thing to do is to start in safe mode and do a virus scan. It looks to me that you have a virus on your PC which connects to the internet and which thankfully hasn't invaded your core windows setup yet. It could be also that something is causing a problem in windows startup and this is why windows is restarting to prevent any damage to the PC.

Download malwarebytes anti-malware as well as its definitions and install it on your PC. Do a scan and that should help you. If that doesn't detect anything, then I would do the Kaspersky Online Scan or AVG online scan. Those are the most effective at detecting viruses. Kaspersky has the highest rates of detection, but its online scan wouldn't remove the infections, it will only tell you of what is there on your PC. AVG online scan will scan and remove infections from your PC.


Hope it helps

Mohammed Hamada

If your Computer BIOS support booting from USB, then try this link below ..

It will give you a bootable USB with kasper Antivirus ...You will just need the updates of KAV which you can get from any friend who has KAV ...

I believe it will cure your pc and get it back to work in normal mode....


Good Luck
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

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Well well well, I see that you've partially followed my suggestion of booting into 'Safe Mode' and then used your own brain for msconfig. Let the moderators decide then. How about splitting the points amongst all experts who tried to assist you? That sounds fair to me, doesn't it modertors??

i had it sorted before your comment was posted.  Addtionally if you refer to the main post it says "pc does run in safe mode" which indirectly indicates that ive been trying to solve the problem in safe mode. i have tried running symantec online scan as suggested in post #1 but it didnt pick up any errors. I could not run mcafee because for some strange reasons the browser in safe mode did not support the scan.

I am glad to hear that everything has worked out for you. I am not interested in making points here but must admit feeling self adoration when I get points for helping when so many others don't. Regardless of all that, I too think you should not have given the points to yourself. In fact I would rather you had removed the support request entirely than devy the points up, anything other than rewarding yourself this way. It is disrespectful to do this when we have tried, however unsuccessfully, to help you. I will be keeping my eye out for you from now on and will not offer my help due to your actions. Wether you accept this or understand this is not the point nor is it required. Give credit where credit is due and if you feel that your the only one that deserves any credit than find another forum for help. True you may have found the answer yourself but how bout recognition for our participation? You could have at the least done that!
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Oh and by the way, your F#%&ing welcome.

sure love you too, i thanked you in my last post. but u were reluctant to see that. besides im a premium member, i dont need any pts and it doesnt interest me at all. Addtionally im quite new here so i dont know how everything works. But i know your solution did not solve the issue, but mine did. So even if i wasnt a premium member it perfectly makes sense to give pts to myself because i solved the issue. Even the admin agreed to my solution and did not object to my decision.  I do not need your help, it's not like you're the only expert(lol) here. So keep your eyes on me , I could care less :) if you keep on being immature, noob & offensive to me i'll report you to the admin of the website, that would be shameful wouldn't it?

sorry i did not thank you. you didn't solve the issue but thanks anyway:)
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William Peck

Now look who is the "immature, noob & offensive" one. I told you that what you did was disrespectfull. The fact that you needed to ask and admin tells me that you were unsure if that was ok to do. So report away, shameful or not. I don't consider myself to be the only expert here nor did I imply any such thing. The mature thing to do would have been quite simply to apologize but maybe you don't see it that way, now who's the expert? Your right, you shouldn't care, but I do and I am certain that most everyone else here does as well. It is what we all are here for, to help because we care, we can relate and if we can or think we can help then we offer our suggestions. If you don't need the points then why did you give them to yourself? Never mind, you don't have to answer that. Your thanks is of course welcomed however not required. Your expression of gratitude without being asked for it however is. How you express this gratitude is what is the focus of scrutiny here, not my confronting you about it. Good luck in the furture and hopefully we have all learned something from you. I know I have.

have you even read my post earlier? "Thx for your answers, I booted my pc in safe mode and ran msconfig and found one of the boot files named after my windows account, so i tracked that file and deleted & it's working fine!! " what kind of thank you do u want? by offering pts with it? you make me laugh, i did appreciate your help but now my respect is totally gone. i didnt give pts to myself, i just accepted my solution as solution because it was. I'll tell u what, if you want those pts so badly i'll soon open up a 500pt question and will give those pts to you with eternal thank yous, happy? :) ? anyway i think "Oh and by the way, your F#%&ing welcome." this says it all, this is not telling im disrespectful. Do you say this to everyone whos disrespectful to you? this is called an insult :)