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The Request failed with HTTP Status 401: Unauthorized

I have Dynamic CRM server installed on one server  (CRMSERVER) in ADS. It is working fine. I am able to see it through browser. My second Server (ADS) having Exchange server installed. Exchange server is running fine.

Now Few Steps I have done on my CRMSERVER
1. I enabled the SSL.
2. Enabled Windows Integrated mode for Authentication in IIS
3. Published on public domain i.e
4. Using Autherized SSL certificate for  from

Now I am able to browse it using the URL ie on client PC (XP pro with Outlook 2003). Once I am trying to configure Outlook Client for Dynamic CRM it ask for web address. I put the web address In next step it generates an error: The Request failed with HTTP Status 401: Unauthorized.

Please note : pop-up for UID and Pass and after putting the credentials it works.
I have tried few settings:
A.  IE--Tools--Security--Trusted Site--Custom Settings-- Enable Automatic logon with current User Name and Password.
B. Control Panel-- User Admin--Advance -- Put the user ID and password for domain.

I am doing this installation/configuration over the internet and Intranet as well. But same error occurred.

Please Suggest
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I have Downloaded the IFD tool and configured it. After given public IP and Subnet mask in IFD tool, My Site was stopped accessing. Then I removed entry for public IP.
Now, It's working.

But, My Problem is There is no external IP for mycrm.local since  .local is not a top level domain name and cannot be used as a publicly accessable domain name.

mycrm.local (192.168.X.X) is NATd to Public IP.
Do, I really need assign public IP to CRMServer ?
can't it be possible with 192.168.X.X -- NAT 203.92.X.X ?
You shouldn't have to assign a public IP to your CRM Server, it can be facilitated through NAT. however your external dns name needs to be <orgname> where orgname is the name of your CRM organisation. This is then automatically translated by CRM to http://crmserver/,orgname> internally.

What are you using for Firewall / NAT

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Hi, I have configured IFD tool as per Microsoft's Document. Now I am able to access through online, It is asking for User Name and Password then Installed properly. But when I am opening outlook receiving
this error.

" An error occured loading Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Try restarting Microsoft Outlook.
(Attached) screen shot also.
I have checked all possible for this error.
Is there any problem related to security ?


Try and untick the check box under the advanced tab in internet explorer that says check for publishers certificate revocation

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I have already UNCHECKED that,
Few other step like,
1. Renamed C:\Documents and Settings\friends\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outcmd.dat and re-open outlook.
But still same problem.
Should I give you online Link ?

You can if you would like.
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I need to create one user for you after discussed with my senior.
any other solution So that I can check ?
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the same https:// link is working fine inside lan but when I am using that link over internet it's showing the same error,