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Urgent: Accessing everyone's mailbox in Exchange 2003

Hi Everyone,

There was an e-mail confidential info sent to everyone in our company that should not have been.  My boss needs it deleted asap.  Is there a quick way I can access everyone's mailbox in Exchange to delete it, or do I have to go into everyone's mailboox individually?

Thanks in advance,

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ow but, damn, i forgot the most obvious one, you can recall this message.
go to send items of your boss, open the mail > other actions > recall this msg

I think re-call only works if the message hasn't been read by user? Certainly if the user has moved the message to other folders (inc Deleted Item) recall won't work.
Recal will only work if the people in the company have Exchange off. Deactivate access to the exchange server and then go thru the mailboxes to delete the message.