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Win 2008 x64 as print server. How to add multiple printer drivers

We have a Win 2008 Server and wish to use it as a Print Server. In the office, we have around 50 users running mianly XP althoug there are some Vista users and no, doubt, soon to be some Win 7 users.  IN addition, some XP users are moving to 64 bit.

Unfortunately, most printer manufactureres have different drivers for x86 and x64 and also for XP/2003 and Vista/2008. FOr some extraordinary reason, Microsoft have only included the ability to add 32bit, 64bit and Itanium drivers to the installed printers on the print server, obvioulsy having never anticipated teh fact that they would then require multiple different drivers to be written for their range orf current in use operating systems!

Can anyone suggest a way that I can support Win XP and Vista x86 and x64 bit drivers to a print server so that Group Policy or a simple login script can add printers to client machines without having to manually install each one. In Win 2000 printer sharing was awesome. Now I find it virtually useless. So much for progress!!
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