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Put Sysinternals BgInfo on user computers with out installing it, users only have user level permissions.

I want to put Bginfo on all our users computers, I'm wanting to put the program in the startup folder so it will display the desired info on the desktop when the user logs in, the problem is that the Bginfo program seems to need to be installed in order to configure and users only have user level permissions, and I don't want to have to go to every machine and install it. I'd prefer not to use group policy for this, does anyone have any ideas how I can do this?

I'd like to configure Bginfo on one computer using my admin account, save the settings and then put the saved Bginfo on all the computers with the saved settings

Using XP Pro systems, users only are allowed user level permissions and nothing else, I don't want to have to install Bginfo on all computers to do this and I'd prefer not to use GP.

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