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Mysqlhotcopy syntax error.  Maybe I can't do what I am trying to do.
Windows Xp Pro
MySQL 5.0.51a Community nt
Server is on C: drive
Data is on external HD F:
I have a back up hard drive  D:
I am trying this from my C:\ drive after I log into MySql by doing this:  mysql -u root -p

mysqlhotcopy -u root -p password mcbts D:/MySqlBackup/MCBTS
( Yes, I am replacing password with the actual password.)

I just get a syntax error at "line 1".
I tried putting the commands on different lines before I enter the ; to show the end of the command but it still says syntax error on line 1.
I see all but two of the tables in the MCBTS DB are MYISAM.  Two are INNODB.
Could that be the problem?
MySQL Server

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