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Cannot uninstall Exchange 2007 Update Rollup 5, OWA Broken

I have a 2008 SBS server which was installed last month.  I did not initially perform the updates, someone else had, and when I checked, Exchange services were disabled.  I enabled them again, but OWA appears to be broken.  I can login, but images are missing and nothing is clickable.   Exchange functions normally otherwise, with the exception of NDR reports coming back in Russian for some reason.

I believe this is all related to Exchange Update Rollup 5, but when I try to remove it, it asks me for exchangeserver.msi, which I cannot locate.
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This exchangeserver.msi file could be found in the Exchange 2007 SP1 installation media. Provide this location and you should be able to successfully remove the Update Rollup 5.

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Yep, I had just checked my Windows Updates and saw that was available.   It's working great now after installing it.  

Well suppsaws, that's only my second question on Experts Exchange and you answered it too.  You must be a real SBS junky.  Thanks again :)

glad that I could help.
I'me pretty busy with SBS indeed :-)