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why are my LTO3 tapes showing a capacity of 196GB when they are meant to be 400GB/800GB

started a new job, and inherited a potential hornet's nest of a mess...

i plan on upgrading the symantec backupexec 11d to 12.5 this coming weekend.

So before the weekend i want to make sure the differential and full bakcups on friday complete. and not carry over any issues to the new version.

lately some of the backups are imcomplete, as i switched off the brick level backup in favour of the IS agent.

and only one tape had been put into the library for last nights backup, which of course 800gb compressed should be more than enough for cover 2 exchange IS servers.

 as the full backup last friday was only 498GB, yet it went over several tapes, 7 where in the library at the time.

so today i found out that the backup exec 11d thinks that the tape caacity is only 196GB each... now that cannot be right .

any ideas?

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