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I need a DS3 router to support full 45Mbps throughput with specific services.

I am looking to add in a new DS3 connection that will be P2P between two offices. This will handle all general data traffic as well as VTC traffic. I am looking at the 3825 model however it seems to be overkill for my situation and I was hoping to get some feedback from the community. Any thoughts on different models or solutions as a whole are appreciated.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Les Moore

The 3825 is the smallest router that will handle DS3 at full rate with no additional services.
Take a look at Table 1 in the link below
Jan Bacher

It's not overkill when you need both the high speed interface and the back plane to handle that volume of traffic.

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Jan Bacher

NetVantas are nice products.  Also a good recommendation.
All of life is about relationships, and EE has made a viirtual community a real community. It lifts everyone's boat
William Peck

That's the smallest you cna go.
I'm a bit of a Cisco bigot but there is other good gear out there in that price range.  Otherwise, you pretty much get what you pay for when there are orders of magnatude differences in price.  
The interface limit (with advanced services, if you need any of these, security, voice etc.) is only half of a T3.  The 3845 is a full T3 box.
You cna also get redundant internal power  in a 3845

If you are open to refurbished products, you can get 2 fully configured Cisco 7100 routers for $3000 each (the 7100s were designed specifically for full rate DS3)  or you can get refurbished 7206VXRs for $5500 each. price already includes 3 year NBD warranty.  

My company has turned up numerous Point to Point and Internet DS3s with Cisco and other brands equipment, feel free to ask any questions... would be glad to help!