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IE 6 and Specifying MIME type from PHP

Hi All,

I have a PHP script that forces a file download of a file with a .2XA file extension.

This file is XML and contains info that is used by the 2X Application server client to display an application running on a terminal server onto the user's desktop w/o a remote dekstop.

The user clicks on a link and Excel or some other app appears running on their desktop.

I have a small PHP script that populates an XML: template with the info for the user and then forces a download to the user's client where the 2X client is called to handle the file association.

This works fine on IE 7.

However on IE 6, even with the open file by content setting disabled, it renames the file on the fly to .XML or .TXT and displays it in the browser.

This is what I am using for for Content Type:

Content-Type: application/octet-stream

Could this be the issue with IE 6? Does it want some other type of content-type?

If so what would I use? Is there a MIME type created when an application is installed on a PC?

Sorry if these are ignorant questions but I am new at this.




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