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Script For Creating a My Network Place connection

To all the scripting wizards.  I have looked all over and have tried several scripts but cant get anything to work properly.  Im looking for a script that will create a "my network place" that connects to a web folder.  I have given employees instructions on how to set it up using the my network places wizard.  But I wanted to do it with as little interaction for the users as possible.  Basically I have a webdav folder that I want to share out.  We will say the name of the web folder folder is https://www.abcdcompany.com/insurance.  Also it woud be nice to have the folder appear on the desktop.  Also as a note all the computers have XP Pro.  Normally we set all this up by hand but we have 30 users that need access to this folder over the web.  Thanks for all the help.  
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