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Memory usage on MS SQL 2005 x64 Enterprise

I have a Win2003 Enterprise x64 with 16GB RAM, and SQL 2005 Enterprise x64.  I don't believe SQL is using all of the memory that I've allocated to it.  If I do a DBCC MEMORYSTATUS I get this:

VM Reserved = 17115768
VM Committed = 321336
AWE Allocated = 7143424
Reserved Memory = 1024
Reserved Memory In Use = 0

and looking at the output from sp_configure I see:

max server memory (MB) = 12288
min server memory (MB) = 12288

It's my understanding that the AWE Allocated on this platform is the amount of pages locked in memory, but why is this around 7GB instead of being closer to 12?  I also see available memory on the server (via perfmon - available MBytes) is around 7GB.

Thanks for your help.
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