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Cisco 2610 showing packets dropped from output queue

We are seeing bursts of dropped packets on the output queue of a 2610.

The 2610 is connected to a T1 with a WIC-1DSU-T1 and has a single ethernet interface on the inside.  I am concerned about the high OQD.  Is this a capacity issue on the 2610?

PVLRTR#show interf s0/0 summ

 *: interface is up
 IHQ: pkts in input hold queue     IQD: pkts dropped from input queue
 OHQ: pkts in output hold queue    OQD: pkts dropped from output queue
 RXBS: rx rate (bits/sec)          RXPS: rx rate (pkts/sec)
 TXBS: tx rate (bits/sec)          TXPS: tx rate (pkts/sec)
 TRTL: throttle count

  Interface              IHQ   IQD  OHQ   OQD  RXBS RXPS  TXBS TXPS TRTL
* Serial0/0                0     0    0 31410 240000  128 142000  133    0
NOTE:No separate counters are maintained for subinterfaces
     Hence Details of subinterface are not shown
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