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2 PCs, 1 internet connection, 1 MAC address = slow erratic connection

Hi there,

I live with my brother and we share an internet connection through the following setup:

2 notebooks, 1 Scientific Atlanta DPC2203 modem, 1 Encore 8-port Nway Switch

So I have my modem and both notebooks connected to the switch.Since my ISP binds the connection to the modem to recognize only one MAC address, I had to set the same MAC address on both notebooks, otherwise I would'n be able to connect with both of them.

 What happens is that if one pc is shut down, the other one works just fine. But if both are connected at the same time, we experience several problems with our connections (like msn disconnecting for no reason, or some websites taking ages to open).

I believe that is happening 'cause both notebook have the same MAC address thus causing some kind of mixed signal, dunno exactly.

So, is there any way I could solve this?

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