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Domain migration & Exchange in the same site

I've inherited a very dirty 2003 Active directory & Exchange 2003 environment. It has been in place upgraded throughout its life, starting with NT4 - 2000-2003. The domain seems to have gone through 3 different naming contexts using the following UPN suffixs(domain.com, godomain.com, corp.godomain.com).  I plan on creating  a new 2008 domain, but I would like to use the name "godomain.com" as this is the domain name used currently for everyones email. In domains and trusts, the Domain name (pre-windows 2000) is domain.com, but the actual domain name in domains and trusts us corp.godomain.com.  It seems as though Exchange 2003 was caught in the middle when implemented as its primary UPN suffix is godomain.com.  I would like to keep "godomain.com" as the email suffix in my new domain. Can I create my new domain name as godomain.com, implement Exchange 2007, create a trust between the domains and migrate even though the old domain uses the same UPN (godomain.com) suffix?
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