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Exchange Server 2003 - mail sent from user phones (via SMTP) does not appear in sent items folder

We have a new Exchange Server 2003 install, replacing a quite old (but still working) legacy e-mail system.  Our users use Outlook 2003 or 2007 in "exchange mode" to pick up and send mail and some use Outlook Web Access when not at their computer.  A few users have Palm, Blackberry, or iphone phones and use them to read, reply, and send mail.  Most just POP3 off their mail and leave it on the server. To send mail they use authenticated SMTP with or without SSL.

The problem is that replies or new messages created on a phone and send via SMTP do not appear in the user's sent items the next time they check Outlook or /OWA.  The messages are from their e-mail address, go out properly, and if replied to come right back properly.

Is this something that Exchange 2003 just does not do or is there a switch I need to throw someplace in Exchange server 2003  to make this work?  Or could it be the way the are authenticating or otherwise sending the mail?  The prior mail system did this "automagically".


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