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Sybase ASE : Data Migration Information required


Could anyone please share approximate time required for the following from the past experiences with Cross platform Sybase Migrations on Unix / Linux platforms?
e.g. for cross platform 100 GB database migration (UltraSPARC/Solaris 9 to Xeon/Red Hat Linux), it took 32 min for Dump and 2 hrs 28 minutes for Load.
What kind of performance (data transfer rate GB/min) can be achieved for the following approaches:
 1. BCP
 2. Sybmigrate
 3. Dump
 4. Load

We require this information to determine duration for production roll out. We have experience with dump/load, but have not used BCP or Sybmigrate for whole database migration.

Any pointers will be appreciated. Many thanks for your time.
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