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Ghost Restore Partioning Problem

Hello All,

I am currently running into a problem when running a restore ghost partition on a Gateway computer.  I have done all this before so I know it works but for some reason my system is freezing each time at one point.  

Here is the background.  I am setting up a hidden recovery partition on a Gateway 4610S machine.  The specs are-

Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.4GHZ
1.0 GB Ram
80 Gig SATA HD
Windows Xp SP 2
No Floppy Drive, utilizing external TEAC floppy to boot to Ghost
Symantec Ghost 8.2

I was able to create a Restore Partition and a Create Partion for system recovery utilizing Partition Magic 8 and a Widnows 98 recovery disk.  The Create Partition Creates the image of the working system and the Restore Partition restores that image if anything goes wrong.  This is so I do not have to be on site to re-image as my sites are spread out and I work alone.

I am able to run everything and ghost creates the image on the Restore Partition with no problems, however upon exiting Ghost and running the next Batch file I get a frozen black screen with  "Command: GDISK 1/HIDE /P:2".
My Restore Batch file look like this
@echo off
ghost -clone,mode=pdump,src=1:1,dst=d:\restore.gho -NOIDE -z3 -fx -sure -batch -auto
gdisk 1 /batch:gdiskh.bat
GDISKH.bat looks like this
/hide /p:2
/hide /p:3
/-hide /p:1
/act /p:1

I can tell it looks like it is locking up at the GDISK command but I am unable to figure out why.  I have used this same technique on 2 different models of Gateway with little problems.  Both of them have IDE hard drives in them and I found that I need to add the -NOIDE switch to get this computer to work with the SATA.  

Any Ghost experts out there that can help I would be greatly appreciated as this technique saves mucho time for little user related problems.  

Thanks again

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