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Failure Audit - Event ID 680 on Exchange 2003 server

I have multiple software applications (i.e. Log management Software) and devices (Copiers that Scan to email) that have email addresses configured to send alerts, information and scanned documents.  I have created the accounts in Active directory and assigned exchange email accounts for the devices/software and configured the devices/software to use the accounts from Active Directory.  The email configurations seem to be working because I am getting alerts and scanned documents.  However, we continue to get the following error on our Exchange server

Source:  Security
Category: Account Logon
Event ID: 680

 Logon account:      copier1
 Source Workstation:      EXCHANGESRVR
 Error Code:      0xC0000064

The failure audit event is generated every time, but we manage the get the email notifications without any issues.  I am assuming that this is an authentication issue with Kerberos or NTLM, but i am not sure if we can do anything to clear up the events.  It does not seem to be causing any issues on our Email server, it just generates 100s of log a day.
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Do you have HP Insight Manager Application ??
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No.  How would I use the Insight Manager Application to solve this issue?

check all user rights and permissions.
Remove "NETWORK" account from "Deny access this computer from network" -
Refresh policy using "gpupdate" command from command prompt.

I am not sure what you mean by "Remove "Network" account from "Deny access to this computer".  Where do I check for these permission settings?  This seems to be an issue when a system (non-outlook) is used to send email notifications.

I looked at the article, but this is not an IIS issue, so I am not sure where we need to modify the permissions.
Any additional ideas on how to solve this issue.
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