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Jet Direct 400n, J4100A

We have a chem Station sofytware installed on a XP pro. The ehternet card on the XP is connected to a Jet Direct 400n, J4100A in the Agilent 1100 series machine, that uses the chem station software to operate.
With a diferent card, not jet direct and with manual settings for the IP address, it works fine, but soons we put the Jet direct there it does not communicate.
It happen in all four machine we have. I dont think is a card problem. I installed the web jetadmin 10.1, but it did not find the card.
The chem Staion comes with the patch called BOOTP the allows me to enter the IP that I would like to have in the Jet direct card. But I cant ping.
My guess is that the BOOTP application is not doing squash and the only reason it works with the other card is becasue we can also set the IP manually.
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