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Can I report multiple groups on the same report line and still retain the drill down feature?

I'm developing a payment cash receipt report for two departments. One department will use the summarized results as a sort of flat file export for another software package. They need data that looks something like this:

Company_id         Pmt_month     Allocation_type        Pmt_Amt
    35                          1                   Rent                         50
    35                          1                   Parking                     30
    42                          2                   Rent                         80

The second department will need to review the detail that supports the summary data above. This report would look something like this:

Company_id   Project_id     pmt_dt     Lease_id    Allocation_type   gl_acct    Pmt_Amt  
    35                123-35        1/1/09        L408              Rent                  4210         25
    35                177-35        1/3/09        L409              Rent                  4210         25
    35                123-35        1/5/09        L408              Parking              4310         15
    35                177-35        1/8/09        L409              Parking              4310         15  
    42                423-42        2/7/09        L615              Rent                  4211         40  
    42                333-42        2/3/09        L715              Rent                  4211         40    

Is it possible to accomplish both in a single report using drill down? if so, how would the design layout look for the summarized detail in report 1? I'm guessing that I need to create a group for Company_id, month(pmt_dt), and allocation_type. But how do I get these summarized amounts on a single line in the final report - and still retain the drill down detail?

Thanks so much for your ideas!
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