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Date Time in Coldfusion

I have this in the my code
<cfset curDate = #Now()#>
<cfinvokeargument name="actiondttm" value=#curDate#/>

it saves the Date but not the time .. How do I get current Date/time stamp ??
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if you are saving to a database, try using createODBCDateTime( function
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 most databases have a date function built in, so if you just want to put the current date/time into the database, the easiest way is just do it in the datatbase's language.
 For example, if you're using SQL Server just say

 update mytable
  set  theDateColumn = getDate()
 where ....                        ^^^^ gives the date and time

If you need to do it in coldfusion for some reason do it like this..

 update mytable
  set  theDateColumn = #createODBCdateTime(now())#

or if using a function parameter...

 update mytable
  set  theDateColumn = #createODBCdateTime(arguments.actiondttm)#

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My bad ! Now() did it and I useed CF_SQLTYPE_TIMESTAMP to save it as date/time