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Vmware ESX 3i connections issues, no SSH will not connect to host

I have been struggling with my ESX 3i server for a while now...3 days ago it was fine...It appears that somehting is stopping it from communicating the way it should...I completly removed the VMare Infastructure client because you could no longer open a virutal machine's console with out getting an actively refused error...went through  the a troubleshooting tips from experts exchange...as well as no SSH connection, after trouble shooting...I reloaded VMWare Client from scratch .Now I cannot connect to my host. I added the datastore and when I go to add host I go throught the motions enter the password it sees all the virutal machines see the datastore then when I click finish  on ready to complete I get unable to contact the specified host (IP address) this might be because the host is not avaible on the network..The local machines firewall is off.....Is there a way to reload ESX Server with out losing the local datastore and minimal down time...I have my production server running on this ESX server's local datastore

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