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wmibus.exe (Kaspersky - virus Worm.Win32.AutoRun.fcn)

Kaspersky keeps finding the file 'wmibus.exe' in C:\Windows\System\ folder. The Anti-Virus removes the file but it keeps popping back.
Currently we are completing Windows and Office Updates in hopes that this worm stops replicating.

My question is - there is not much information on this worm virus...Has anybody come across this worm and successfully removed it or have any information on this worm?
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think this is enough information to be able to manuially remove the infection
also I am pretty sure KAV should be able to fix this if a scan is conducted in safe mode.
also for Autorun related infections, most of those piggyback on USB devices And / OR network shares
it should help alot if you could disable autorun using group policy or registry tweak mentioned in the belowarticle
for an immediate fix, if you find hidden autorun.inf files and you wish to recover from this, you can run a tool like Flash_Disinfector which should prevent reinfection & immunize your system against such attacks

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This summary might help you:
You may need to boot your pc from a bootable Windows PE cd and remove the service the virus would have installed. I am sure it's the service that's stopping the antivirus from completely removing the virus.

You can search for Windows PE images on the internet or you can build  your own using this MS article:
This site contains information on how to build your own Windows PE cd referencing required files from MS downloads
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After reading the removal link - I finally decided to re-install Windows XP (due to all the playing around trying to remove Trojan the system started giving an intermittent Blue Screen every few minutes)

Thank you for all your inputs.